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RockyBrook Pro Charlie Evans


Former FLW CEO and Host Charlie Evans



Organizations: FLW Outdoors, B.A.S.S.

Favorite body of water: KENTUCKY LAKE

Favorite way to fish RockyBrook Sinkers:

I fish tournaments for a living.  When I am dropshotting for smallmouth bass the only sinkers I use are RockyBrook Limestone Sinkers because they help me bring more weight to the scales.  There is a saying often used by professional bass anglers: “Time is money!” which translates to: “Anglers that spend more time with a bait in the water catch more bass”.  Because of their unique shape and density, RockyBrook Sinkers rarely hang up even on the roughest underwater structure.  That means I don’t have to waste time (and money) breaking off and retying.  The fact that RockyBrook sinkers are made of limestone gives them a natural look and sound (an added bonus).

My favorite weight for dropshotting is 3/8 ounce, but here’s a tip that will help you catch more bass:  Instead of using one 3/8 ounce, snap on two 3/16 ounce RockyBrook Sinkers.  The noise of those two sinkers clicking together sounds just like crawdads moving over the rocks and really attracts the smallmouth.  Most of the time I use 10 pound test line.  I recommend Nanofil braid with a Trilene 100% flurocarbon leader because of its sensitivity (I can feel a mosquito flying by within six inches of my line) and abrasion resistance.  I always use a RockyBrook black nickel dropshot hook about 18 inches above the sinkers and my favorite lure for smallmouth is a greenpumpkin Zoom Speedcraw.

“Fishing is fun but it doesn’t hold a candle to catching!  Give this a try and I guarantee you will catch more fish!”






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